“This or That” is not the same as “This and That.”

The terms “multi-modal” and “Intermodal” are often used interchangeably in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) circles. While they do refer to similar things, at Mobi Systems we make a distinction between them because the differences are important to understand for those who are beginning to embrace MaaS. When we use “multi-modal” we mean “this or… Continue reading “This or That” is not the same as “This and That.”

The “perfect” Mobi partner

I was asked a question in passing recently, the specifics of which are not important, and my off-handed reply was, “A win-win partner, of course!” I’ve been thinking about my reply, and wanted to deconstruct what “win-win” really means to me and how I approach establishing Mobi Systems partnerships. We’ve all heard the phrase “win-win.” We’ve heard it in… Continue reading The “perfect” Mobi partner