Mobi Services

Over the course of the last year I built a house. I had not really planned to build a house and launch a company at exactly the same time but life intervened and backend code commingled with big wood beams, a concrete foundation, a protruding septic and plethora of permit applications and engineering oversight.

When Mobi launched we planned to build out the world’s strongest API with brilliant, easy to follow documentation. We wanted others to be able to build the products people would love, for our team to be an invisible but powerful force behind the magic. What we learned is that turning over an API to someone is a little like my electrician coming in with the lightbulbs, big spools of sunflower colored wire, plug plates and communication cables and telling me I would love light and electricity as long as I didn’t burn the house down trying to implement. What we learned is that it isn’t fair and isn’t as easy as we imagined to hand access to our algorithms over. Rather, we need to become electricians, implementation all-hands-on-deck team members, the all night hackers who take the power that is Mobi and build it into our partner’s products. And with this, Mobi Services was born.

We can’t wait to work together.

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