Waze integration with TakeMobi…

In early May, Mobi Systems announced a limited beta (Boston, L.A., San Francisco) of the TakeMobi intermodal routing and planning iPhone app. The testing and feedback from our beta users are helping Mobi Systems prioritize the release of the next set of features for the app. Today, we are really excited to announce that TakeMobi… Continue reading Waze integration with TakeMobi…

“This or That” is not the same as “This and That.”

The terms “multi-modal” and “Intermodal” are often used interchangeably in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) circles. While they do refer to similar things, at Mobi Systems we make a distinction between them because the differences are important to understand for those who are beginning to embrace MaaS. When we use “multi-modal” we mean “this or… Continue reading “This or That” is not the same as “This and That.”

The “perfect” Mobi partner

I was asked a question in passing recently, the specifics of which are not important, and my off-handed reply was, “A win-win partner, of course!” I’ve been thinking about my reply, and wanted to deconstruct what “win-win” really means to me and how I approach establishing Mobi Systems partnerships. We’ve all heard the phrase “win-win.” We’ve heard it in… Continue reading The “perfect” Mobi partner

Why Intermodal

Optimization over multiple objectives Mobi allows users to search for routing directions that through almost all modes of ground transportation options, including driving, cycling, transit, taxi, bike sharing, ridesharing and car sharing. Through combining the different public and private transportation networks, Mobi is able to provide more and better options for the users than single-modal… Continue reading Why Intermodal